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Why Attend a Webinar?

Time effective
 It takes only 30 minutes of your time. You do not have to worry about travelling and you still receive the same great information as many in-person workshops.

Cost effective: The NASP Corporate Partner Webinar Series is a complimentary program for those in the pension, endowment and foundation community. We understand the limitations of travel and education budgets. Webinars are a great option to gain more knowledge without spending thousands of dollars in travel.

Convenient: You can attend a webinar in your office or at home at your own convenience.

Easy to use: All you need to have is a computer with high speed Internet connection and telephone. Click on your personalized link in the invitation email, call in the audio line, and you will automatically be able to follow along by viewing the presenter’s screen.

Hot and applicable topics: Spend 30 minutes of your time to gain knowledge in hottest and most applicable topics in the financial services industry. This is a great way to improve your investment knowledge.

Reputable and experienced presenters: Our webinars are conducted by presenters with strong reputation and long-term experience in the field.

Interactive: After the presentation, you will have a chance to ask questions and submit your feedback about our Webinars. The GoToWebinar interactive system makes this easy to do!