The Professional Development Series 2018

The Professional Development Series (PDS) is diverse in subject matter and features intensive learning experiences designed to teach effective strategies to build leadership, communication and critical thinking skills as well as gain insight on emerging trends and business strategies.  A special one-day reduced rate for the PDS is available and includes a One-on-One Career Coaching Session


Micromessaging and its Impacts on Diversity and Inclusion
What does it take to communicate effectively with others, especially with internal and external clients and colleagues? Micro messaging includes implicit messages, whether intentional or not, which are expressed through non-verbal behaviors. These non-verbal signals can give clues and additional information and meaning over and above spoken communication. Understanding how individuals interact through communication is an important part of a successful cultural diversity, awareness, and inclusion strategy. This presentation will look at some of the critical interpersonal skills that help you distinguish yourself from others. Diversity and inclusion leaders will discuss how micro messaging influences how other people perceive you and how this can be a tool for career development. This session will be  designed as a workshop (not a standard panel).

Career Exploration (Early Career Professionals) 
This session will give insight into a variety of career opportunities within an organization. If you are considering different pathways within your firm in the financial services industry, or a student/early career professional considering career paths this session is for you. The session will consist of department heads within an organization; they will discuss their roles and responsibilities, the excitement and obstacles in their roles and the skills and program knowledge required. Please note the format: Interactive/Roundtables with Career Areas Segmented with a facilitated exercise/discussion (Chief Compliance Officer, Operations Manager, Portfolio Manager, Research Analysts, Pension Fund Investment Staffer, Risk Management Professional, Investment Consultant, Etc.). This session will run concurrently with The Next Step panel. 

The Next Step (Experienced Professionals)  
This panel is designed for “second” and “third act’ for mid-career/experienced professionals who are seeking to make a change but don’t know how or are apprehensive due to current responsibilities (spouse, children, company, etc.). We will hear from those that made the change. The discussion will answer questions such as: how did you pivot is there an appropriate window, advantages and disadvantages to starting your own firm as opposed to climbing the corporate ladder, what skills/certifications/education should you focus on sharpening, as well as considerations for joining a smaller/mid-sized firm from large firm and vice versa. This session will run concurrently with the Career Exploration Session. 

The Millennial Mindset: A Deeper Dive  
Millennials are now the largest generation by population in the United States. What motivates them to work? How are they best incentivized? What role does generation X play? The industry is experiencing a shift as the baby boomer generation retires.  This panel will include professionals from different generations including millennials as well as talent management/acquisition expert.