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Committee membership is a benefit to being a NASP member. We encourage NASP members to join our national committees which help further the mission and objectives of the organization.

Boost Your Professional Development Credentials and Build Your Brand

  • Showcase your expertise.
  • Hone new skills.
  • Emerge as a leader.
Enhance Your Network 

  • Get to know members of NASP in various cities.
  • Develop relationships with NASP leadership at the national and local level.
  • Meet other intelligent, like-minded professionals that are immersed in the inner workings of the industry and share opinions and ideas.

NASP Programs Committee

The mission of the Program Committee is to develop scheduled programming and facilitate ongoing organizational initiatives through programs and special events. This committee implements programming focused on education, professional development, and other topics and issues relevant to NASP members. The Program Committee further strengthens the objectives of NASP to serve as a repository for information regarding current trends and to create networking and mentoring opportunities.

NASP Legislative Committee

The mission of the Legislative Committee is to provide a uniquely diversified and experienced approach to government affairs.  This includes strengthening NASP’S reputation and profile amongst key influencers, policy and decision makers at all levels of government, implementation of business strategies to become a recognized market leader to help achieve full inclusion for people of color and women in the financial securities industry, and enhance NASP’s reputation among government offices as a credible source of information on issues that impact the securities industry. 

NASP Chapter & Membership Development Committee 

The mission of the Chapter & membership Development Committee is to develop initiatives that will increase Association membership and active chapters of the Association.  This includes the development of linkages with organizations that can be beneficial to the mission and purpose of the association, along with targeting new member’s sources and funding opportunities.

To join a Committee, please contact Farzin at