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MWBE Research

NASP advocates for the inclusion of  minority- and women-owned businesses (investment management, investment banking, brokerage,  and other professional services) for business opportunities at the federal level, state public pension plans, corporate/private sector, foundations, and endowments. This creates increased competition,  growth of small business, and other benefits such as:

  • Small Business including minority and women owned businesses are the growth engine of the economy and consistently create more jobs than their larger counterparts.

  • Minority- and women-owned firms proportionately employ and participate, greater than their size, in the urban economies of America’s cities. These same firms also invest in urban areas repositioning capital to enhance economic development and related job growth.   Thus, when these firms grow, the wealth effect directly impacts the well being of minority families, improves their socioeconomic status and contributes to the economic development of urban communities.  

In addition, research has shown that small and minority- and women-owned firms have outperformed many of their large counterparts. Please see below for links to research.