Professional Development Series (PDS)

The Professional Development Series (PDS) is diverse in subject matter and features intensive learning experiences designed to teach effective strategies to build leadership, communication and critical thinking skills as well as gain insight on emerging trends and business strategies.  A special one-day reduced rate for the PDS is available and includes a One-on-One Career Coaching Session. Learn more about the  28th Annual Pension and Financial Services Conference in Los Angeles (June 26-28) by clicking here and register TODAY for the PDS taking place on Monday, June 26th.

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2017 Conference PDS Topics

The Results Are In: How to Evaluate Your StrengthsFinder Analysis
Learn how to evaluate your StrengthsFinder analysis in order to use your best traits to succeed in professional work, in your communities, and at home. The StrengthsFinder Analysis measures the presence of 34 talent themes with unique names such as Maximizer®, Achiever®, and Learner® and helps provide insight into the impact of the themes on your motivation, behavior and performance. [Note: Advanced work is required includingregistration, completing the analysis online and bringing your results to the event.]

  • Facilitator: Yas Hardaway, Executive Director of Career Services and Adjunct Faculty, Graduate School of Education & Psychology, Pepperdine University
 Code-Switching and Authentic Leadership
While many businesses continue to focus on increasing diversity of their workforce, “codeswitching” has become common practice for many individuals to adapt to the sociocultural norms of the environments that they live/work in. During this session, attendees will have an opportunity to understand the concept of code-switching, discuss real-world situations and unconscious bias, and identify strategies for how to connect across differences. As a result, participants can develop ways to practice authentic, courageous leadership to build stronger relationships with colleagues.

  • Shawna A. Ferguson, Managing Director, Wellington Management
  • Jacki Robinson-Ivy, Senior Vice President Public Affairs/Government Relations, Northern Trust
Discussion Leaders:
  • Marques Highland, Director – Relationship Management, Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc.
  • Gina Nisbeth, Director, Structured Lending & Investments Group, Citi Community Capital
  • Marcus Martin II, CEO, Global Oak Capital Markets 
  • Charise Williams, Deputy Chief of Staff, Civic Engagement, IL State Treasurer Michael Frerichs
  • Angela A. Jones, Director, Client Service Initiatives Manager, UBS Asset Management 
  • Tarrah Cooper, Managing Partner, Cooper Strategies
Global Economy: Be Prepared for your Seat at the Table, Mesa or Tafel
Today, almost 10 years after the Financial Crisis, a broad-based economic upswing is at last underway. In America, Europe, Asia and the emerging markets, for the first time since a brief rebound in 2010, all the burners are firing at once. Panelists will discuss the way firms in the U.S. are evolving their capabilities to seek investment opportunities, access investors, distribute products, and acquire the talent needed to drive innovation. This session will also help you prepare ways to position yourself for participation in today’s global economy by understanding the cultural and economic environments of elected markets to prepare for both business and career opportunities around the world. Be sure to download the NASP mobile event app as we’ll be using audience polling technology for this session!

  • Antoinette Robbins, Director, Community Affairs and Senior Compliance Officer, Macquarie Investment Management
  • Alaina Anderson, CFA, Partner, Global Research Analyst, William Blair
  • Antoinette Bing, Director-Operations, Metis Global Partners
  • Rebecca L. King, CFA, Vice President, Client Advisory, PGIM Fixed Income
Machine Wisdom: Blockchain, Big Data and Their Impacts on Finance
While Bitcoin is a popular currency innovation, the driver known as Blockchain is a dynamic technology that is expected to shift many other aspects of the financial services industry. The use of blockchain would result in a global, distributed ledger running transparently on millions of computers where assets could be stored, exchanged and managed without intermediaries such as banks. PC Magazine reported that became the first publicly traded company to issue stock on a blockchain based trading platform this past December. How will this give rise to new business and career opportunities? How are financial services companies keeping up with this technology? Learn about aspects of blockchain including smartcontracts which can potentially cut time on deal closings, securities transactions, and global trade finance as well as the regulatory and legal changes that will need to be implemented.

Interviewer: Farzin A. Khan, Director, Communications and Program Development, National Association of Securities Professionals (NASP)
Interviewee: Amber Baldet, Executive Director, Blockchain Program Lead, J.P. Morgan
Motivational Moment with Ramsey Jay, Jr. - 21st Century Leadership Lessons For Managers & Rising Leaders
Managing a successful financial services career can be just as volatile as navigating the capital markets you negotiate on behalf of clients. As a result, “life off the desk” can be compromised with the constant ebb and flow of stress, demands, and sacrifices. In this interactive session a progressive leadership model, “The Humanization of the Time Value of Money”, will be showcased. This model marries practical regiments, and periodic disciplines, to take your leadership and management exploits to the next level which in turn fosters a healthy pursuit of BOTH your professional and nonprofessional aspirations. This session will illustrate how to: project your industry expertise with confidence; discern controllable vs. non controllable environmental variables; master psychological / technical / fundamental strategies to insure readiness for seismic breakthroughs; refresh / revive / reenergize your mind, body, and soul.
  • Presenter: Ramsey Jay, Jr., Motivational Speaker/Author
The Entrepreneurial Mindset – Value Creation at All Points Along Your Career
Today’s fast paced environment creates a countless number of choices and opportunities unlike any other time in recent history. Businesses have access to a global marketplace, technology and information sharing are evolving, and new subsectors are growing. Perhaps all of the activity surrounding you is fueling your passions to create your own brand? Whether you are considering a future path of starting your own firm or you want to launch a new product or improve a process within the firm you are currently employed, learn the key elements and skillsets to nurture and develop

  • The Honorable Rasheia Johnson, Treasurer, City of Philadelphia
  • Ronald A. Homer, Managing Director, Institutional Portfolio Manager and President, Access Capital Strategy, RBC Global Asset Management
  • Stephanie J. Roberts, Partner, Garcia Hamilton & Associates
  • Jeffrey Rush, Assistant Vice President Branch Manager, Morgan Stanley 

Advising the High Net Worth Client: From the Corporate Boardroom to the National Stage, Powered by Morgan Stanley

Financial security is of the utmost importance for all clients – however high net worth families, business owners and high profile clients provide financial advisors both unique and rewarding opportunities as well as their own set of challenges. Hear how dynamic, highly successful, philanthropic individuals devise strategies to capitalize on complex investment opportunities, achieve financial goals while leveraging their personal success to impact community, education and politics.

  • Troy Mooyoung, Executive Director, Complex Manager – Southeast Michigan, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • Robert C. Davidson, Jr., Businessman, Community Leader and Philanthropist
  • Yolanda “Cookie” Parker, Businesswoman, Community Leader and Philanthropist
Career Coaching
As a resource for education and professional development, NASP is pleased to invite registered conference attendees to meet with the industry’s leading talent management, recruitment, and leadership training professionals who will serve as Career Coaches. This is a great opportunity to connect with professionals who can give you career development advice and provide feedback on career planning documents and insight into the recruiting landscape. Each attendee will be paired with a coach for 20 minutes. Appointments will take place in an intimate setting to allow for one-on-one interaction. Preregistration is required. 

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