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NASP Board of Director Elections 2018

Decision 2019

NASP Board of Directors Election Schedule


August 3, 2018

Announcement of NASP 2018 Board of Director Election sent via email to the membership.  Announcement will include notification to submit nominations.

August 15, 2018

Deadline—Nomination forms must be received by NASPHQ, Washington, DC office by 4:00 EST.
No exceptions or extensions will be allowed.

August 17, 2018

NASPHQ will send, via email, notification of nomination to each nominee

August 28, 2018

Deadline---Nominee responses must be received in NASPHQ, Washington, DC office.
Nominees’ statement of acceptance must be accompanied by:

  • One page biography

  • Board Candidate Campaign Statement

Please note, nominees’ responses submitted by mail must be received, NOT post-dated by August 31, 2018.

August 31, 2018

NASP Official 2018 Board of Directors election ballot will be sent by NASPHQ, via email to NASP members

September 12, 2018

Deadline---NASP Official 2018 Board of Directors election ballot forms are due to NASPHQ, Washington, DC office
Ballots may be submitted to a NASPHQ staffer at the NASP Annual Meeting, Wednesday, September 12, 2018, at the Marriott Marquis Washington D.C.
Please note, NASP Official 2018 Board of Director election ballot forms MUST be received on or before September 12, 2018 @ 5:00 p.m. EST. No exceptions or extension to the deadline will be allowed.

Note: All NASP Board of Directors members must comply with the financial and participation requirements of the NASP Board of Directors. Each NASP Board of Directors member will serve a three (3) year term beginning January 1, 2019 ending December 31, 2021.
* Note to NASP Associate Members: Associate Members (i.e., trustees, government and regulatory agency employees) do not have voting rights, however, you have been included in the distribution list to keep you informed of NASP activities.
NASP Board of Directors elections are open to current NASP members only. Please note in order to (1) nominate a NASP member as a candidate for the NASP Board of Directors; (2) accept a nomination for candidacy and be listed on the official NASP Board of Directors election ballot; (3) vote for nominated NASP members for a NASP Board of Directors seat; and/or (4) be elected to the NASP Board of Directors; you must be a current, financial NASP member.   
All 2018 NASP Board of Director election responses should be sent to Naomi Rahn in accordance with the deadlines and instructions outlined above. Responses can be sent via email at or via mail to NASPHQ, 901 K St NW, Suite 310, Washington D.C. 20001. You may also complete an electronic nomination form HERE.
NASP Board of Director Election Nomination form
The election process is open to current NASP members only. As a voting member of NASP you may participate in the election process. Members may nominate themselves or a fellow NASP member. NASP members will nominate candidates for the Board of Directors.

This year’s ballot has a smaller than usual number of Board positions available (3) than would normally be the case due to the Board’s decision to amend the by-laws in 2017, effective 2018 to allow the Executive Committee to select two members for appointment.  To allow for the change, five Board positions will become available at the end of 2018 with 2 being appointed as noted earlier and three elected.   This was done to broaden the skillset of the Board and to attract individuals that would not normally be given consideration.

* Note to NASP Associate Members: Associate Members (i.e., trustees, government and regulatory agency employees) do not have voting rights, however, you have been included in the distribution list to keep you informed of NASP activities.
2018 NASP Board of Directors
Names with an asterisk* will be ending their board terms in 2018.

Leslie Bond *
Chief Executive Officer
Attucks Asset Management
Della Hood-Laster
Head Trader
Piedmont Investment Advisors
Norice R. Rice 
The Yucaipa Companies
Gwendolyn Butler*
Vice Chairwoman & Chief Marketing Officer
Capri Investment Group, LLC
Gennell Jefferson
Managing Director, Business Development & Private Equity 
State Street Global Advisors
Donna Sims Wilson 
Smith Graham & Co.
Marquette Chester
Managing Director 
WL Ross & Co., LLC
Linda Jordan
The Jordan Group
Rendel L. Solomon 
Muller & Monroe Asset Management 
Kathleen Colin 
Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. 
David Baker Lewis, Esq. 
Of Counsel 
Lewis & Munday
Lee Stephens
Executive Vice President
BNY Mellon 
Sidney Dillard*
Partner, Corporate Investment Banking Division Head
Loop Capital Markets, LLC
Guy Logan
Managing Director 
Municipal Securities Division 
Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
Eric Stevenson 
Senior Vice President, Retirement Plans Distribution 
Dyice Ellis-Beckham
Managing Director
Public Funds Invesco 
Shawn Lytle 
President of Delaware Funds
Deputy Global Head of Macquarie Investment Management
Gwelda Swilley-Burke
Senior Vice President and Senior Consultant at Callan Associates
Kristin R. Finney-Cooke*
Senior Consultant 
Arthur E. McClearin
Director of Marketing
The Williams Capital Group, LLC
Alphonso E. Tindall Jr., Esq
Schiff Hardin, LLP
Deirdre Guice Minor
Institutional Sales, US
T. Rowe Price
Global Investment Services
Mellody Hobson 
Ariel Investments
Richard Turnley, III
Regional Director, Inst’l Sales & Marketing
Channing Capital Management, LLC 
James F. Haddon 
Managing Director
Ramirez Asset Management
Nadine Mentor 
Managing Director 
Ramirez & Co. 
Kila Weaver
Vice President, Marketing & Client Service
FIS Group, Inc.
Erik Hall*
Grosvenor Capital Management, LP
Malik T. Murray
Vice President
Institutional Marketing & Client Services
Ariel Investment
Mona S. Williams
Executive Vice President
Progress Investment Management Company