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The NASP Silver Anniversary Pension and Financial Services Conference was a Huge Success! 
The NASP 25th Annual Pension and Financial Services Conference "Sustaining Growth & Profitability: Maximizing Global Opportunities & Mitigating Risk" was a major success as evidenced by the rave reviews of participants who gained in-depth industry insight at workshops and plenary sessions. Especially rewarding were award ceremonies and speeches, along with inspirational stories regarding the history and evolution of NASP and the origins of the conference shared by some of  the organization's first members.
Many thanks to the planning committees, corporate partners and sponsors, volunteers, speakers, and attendees for your support. We couldn't have done it without you! READ MORE...

NASP Board of Directors Adopts Retirement Security Statement Affirming Support of Defined Benefit Plans

On June 22, 2014, the NASP Board of Directors voted to adopt a statement affirming the associations’’ commitment to defined benefit plans to ensure retirement security of public employees.

On the adoption of the statement, Les Bond, board chair, NASP, said “Public sector employees have been the nation’s civil servants – playing important roles in society as educators, firefighters, police-officers – with the promise of retirement security. It is imperative that we honor the social contract that enabled municipal employers to attract and retain talented individuals to careers in public service.”

Orim Graves, executive director of NASP added “We are committed to working with the SEIU and ensuring that NASP members and public pension plans continue to work together in ensuring retirement security for thousands of public sector employees. NASP believes that in addition to the important role of defined benefit plans, defined contribution programs and personal savings plans are effective ways for future retirees to augment their retirement income as well.” 

To view the statement in a letter addressed to the SEIU, please click HERE.



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